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freshman year survival guide

So, You’re a Freshman: A Survival Guide   It’s finally that time—you are 18 and finally let out of your kennel and off your leash and are on the high road to independence. This, my friends, is a gift and a curse. Your freshman year of college is incomparable to any other year of your life—you live, you learn, and you are at the highest and lowest parts of your life. These first two semesters of college have the potential to be your best years Continue reading →

Graduation Day!

                The day has finally come; you’re graduating and finally ready to flip that tassel! Graduation can be a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand you are prepared and ready to go out and seek gainful employment or peruse graduate school. On the other hand you’re leaving your friends who you’ve known for the past four years; people you entered adulthood with. It is important to keep a positive attitude about graduating. Remember, your families are all Continue reading →