Decorating Your Dorm like a Designer

We have reached the final stretch of summer and it is time to start thinking about moving back into the dorms or maybe you live in your Greek house, either way we all know dorm/house life is a slightly less than luxurious, and with little space it may seem close to impossible to make your living area into a well designed atmosphere. Here is a few helpful tips for turning your living quarters into the hottest spot on the third floor.

vilshult-picture__0238264_PE377773_S4First of let’s talk about what we don’t want hanging from the walls, posters. Your student union plaza may be the hot spot for market days and that poster pusher will be out with boxes and tubes full of the latest movie poster and “fine art” prints but I am telling you to stay away. Posters hanging with sticky tack or thumb tacks look, how do I put this, tacky. Trust me guys the lovely girl you met in algebra does not want to stare at a poster of Kate Upton while you have a coffee at your spot between class.

Instead look for framed photographs or wrapped canvas prints, they can be found on sale all over from Marshalls to Ikea. A print of a crashing wave, a city scape, or a painting will show you have class and an eye for the finer things. It will be appreciated by your guests and room mates.




Lets talk about your bed linens because your sheets can say a lot about you. I suggest going with a white set of sheets and pillowcases. The neutral color will prevent your bed from clashing with the rest of your dorm room and the light tone will keep the room more airy and pleasant. Plus when it comes time to wash, a dash of bleach and your sheets will be look bright and new!

strandkrypa-duvet-cover-and-pillowcase-s-white__0275755_PE393244_S4For your comforter get it in white and invest in a duvet cover or two. The white comforter is key to prevent it from showing through a lighter colored duvet cover and when it comes time to wash dvala-sheet-set-white__0256970_PE401198_S4it, again a little bleach will do the trick. Your duvet covers can range based on the overall look of your room. For the guys I suggest something plain, maybe one of your school’s colors or a neutral tone like white or grey. Stay away from dark colors or printed designs it will make your bed stand out like a sore thumb. You can always accent your simple linens with a throw blanket featuring your school or fraternities crest and colors! Ladies can add a little more color to their linens, there is some great duvet covers with simple designs. Smaller designs elements that are repeated over the fabric will be more pleasant on the eye from a distance since it will all generally blend together. Big elements like shapes and patterns will not only stand out across the room but also reminds me of hotels, your room is not a hotel, it is a home.


Make your bed everyday.





If your dorm or room has the space add a few pieces of accent furniture, start with a small couch and a coffee table. This gives you a space to socialize with a guest in a comforting manner, and on that coffee table feature a book full of photos or your favorite magazine (not a three year old SI Swimsuit edition). Most magazines these days are free and high quality so pick one up around campus. Remember that friend from algebra, well she will love having something to look at while you change in the bathroom from your class attire to your night clothes for that free on campus concert.






Mercury-Glass-Succulent-Planters-2To top it all off accent your room with a few plants, succulents to be exact. There is a reason these little cacti are popping up at the front of every grocery store in the country, and it’s because they are great. You virtually can’t kill them, it will need a spritz of water here and there and some sun light. It will add life to your room and plants are natural purifiers, just don’t go overboard maybe one on the coffee table or nightstand and another on the counter or windowsill.

Clean your room regularly.