freshman year survival guide

So, You’re a Freshman: A Survival Guide


It’s finally that time—you are 18 and finally let out of your kennel and off your leash and are on the high road to independence. This, my friends, is a gift and a curse. Your freshman year of college is incomparable to any other year of your life—you live, you learn, and you are at the highest and lowest parts of your life. These first two semesters of college have the potential to be your best years of college, if you have the right guidance and advice. Here are a few tips to consider when you walk into the world of the phenomenon that is college life.


1)     Live on campus—Seriously. As “lame” as it might sound to share the smallest room ever with another human being, it is a necessary experience. You’re in a huge building with tons of people to mingle with and make friends. Plus, you are one million times closer to your classes and as you soon will learn, college makes you lazy so this is important.

2)     Be a part of something— Go greek or join some form of organization where there are actual human beings coming together and socializing and doing good for campus or the community. Being in a group of people gives you a sense of comfort and home, and this is essential if you are going to college far away from home.

3)     Go to class—You don’t have your mom hovering over you every morning now telling you to wake up and get to school on time. The decision is solely left in the palm of your adolescent hands. This sounds awesome, and it is, but skipping class often can send you down a bad road that you don’t want to go down.

4)     Find a mentor—This person doesn’t necessarily have to be a professor or part of your collegiate staff, but find an older person that can kind of show you the ropes. It is especially useful to get to know someone who is an upperclassman with the same major or concentration of study as you. They can really help you out with what teachers to take, professional advice, and you can probably score some of their old tests and homework. It is easy to find mentors if you become a part of a club or organization (See tip number 2).

5)     Please go to parties—Don’t hole up in your dorm room and stalk people on Facebook, you need to at least attend one college party, if not hundreds, during your time there. You truly haven’t lived until you’ve been in a large gathering of drunk people who are playing beer pong and constantly yelling about nothing. You will either come to love or hate this, but either way, you have to experience it to find out,

6)     College is what you make it—There has never been a truer statement. You basically control your destiny in this situation. If you want to have a good time, you will find ways to have a good time. College is a great way to find yourself and you can make some of the best friends of your life in the process. The life lessons you learn during this time are invaluable experiences, and don’t take college for granted—it’ll be over before you know it!