Graduation Day!

                The day has finally come; you’re graduating and finally ready to flip that tassel! Graduation can be a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand you are prepared and ready to go out and seek gainful employment or peruse graduate school. On the other hand you’re leaving your friends who you’ve known for the past four years; people you entered adulthood with. It is important to keep a positive attitude about graduating. Remember, your families are all very proud of your accomplishment, and you can keep in touch with your peers if you want to.

                You are about to turn the page and enter a new chapter in your life. The mixed emotions can be overwhelming, this is understandable and expected. To prepare yourself for entering the real world of work start searching for jobs you think you’d enjoy. They say “if you work a job you love, you never work a day in your life”. This saying is true. If you don’t find anything, keep searching and applying. Even though you don’t have your diploma before you graduate keep on the hunt. Keep shooting out resumes and filling out applications. Follow up once you have your degree in hand.

                Potential employers will be impressed with your dedication, and you will have extra energy for your interview because graduation is a huge confidence builder. You will be riding on a cloud of happiness and pride in your achievement for at least a couple days. Use this extra “oomph” to go out and seek a job you could see turning into a career that you love!