Greek Life Benefits

Located Near Boston, Massachusetts, Tufts University has had Greek Life involvement on and off campus for over 150 years now. They are preaching to the choir when give the “pro’s” list to why going Greek is so important. At Tufts, 13% of the student population on campus is all due to the 13 Greek organizations. The 13 include nine fraternities, three sororities, and one co-ed fraternity. Now, don’t go off and get distracted by silly movies like “Animal House” or “House Bunny” making claims that, that’s what being a sister or brother is all about. We Greeks, are far from that. Greeks also don’t seclude themselves from others and the community, they actually bring everyone together. Greek life does not care about specific interest, ethnicity or ideology as most would think, discrimination is not in their vocabulary. By pulling the community, faculty, students, and other groups together under one roof…they have the ability to raise awareness and money for great causes. This can be an event that has been planned for months, or a casual social party last minute to promote greater good. Zeta Beta Tau, aka ZBT, holds an annual “Get on the Ball!” event, where the whole campus rolls a huge ball around for one week. They raised over $3,000 dollars for the Local Children’s Hospital in Boston last year! When the Greeks aren’t busy with class, homework, or holding philanthropy events, they seem to have a good hold on the night scene too. This allows students to have fun and get away from the stress of college to socialize and have a fun, safe time. Tuft’s mentions time and time again, “they couldn’t imagine school with out the Greek Organizations” there on campus. With out them, Tuft’s reputation could be at risk, even hurt high school recruitment. Potential students want to see campus & student involvement. Tuft’s University shows great example of that in and outside the Greek system. For More Information Visit: Pro-Con | Pro: Long live Greek life at Tufts