Network By Being Greek

One of the main points we all bring up during rush and recruitment to better promote and explain in going Greek, is that it has many benefits especially networking and the connections you make during and after college. This is great for starting out your career and internships during the 4 year experience too. The Phi Sigma Sigma chapter at Florida International University hosts a yearly career event which members come in and speak about their paths they have chosen job wise. It also helpful to make contacts at any events that alumni will be attending. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity at UC Irvine hold golf tournaments to get to know their recent and past alumni. Most sororities and fraternities have an Alumni Relations Chair, working closely with them can help boost your resume and reach out as well. Luckily, our generation is very technology savvy and we have social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn for organizations to form pages to stay more connected with members. Alpha Delta Pi’s National LinkedIn page has doubled with the amount of members since last year. A recent UM graduate and “Phi Delt” alum found his current job through Facebook from another Greek Organization on his campus. Even if you are not remotely close into taking huge leaps into the work field, just being in contact goes a long way! Staying close with alumni and being a well involved alum too can help quite a bit for your future and other members even! For More Information visit: