Pi Kappa Phi’s Push America & War of Roses

Ever bike for more 48 hours straight? The fraternity men at California State University, Long Beach of Pi Kappa Phi have. For the past three years, “Pi Kapp” has being raising money with helping people with disabilities for their philanthropy event known as “Push America” on Long Beach State’s campus. Their goal this year is to raise $10,000…last  year they hit a whopping $7,000! It was a stressful week for most students who were studying for midterms and getting ready for Halloween, but that didn’t stop the guys of Pi Kapp to keep staying involved. If one fraternity member had to leave, another member would step in for the shift. One member, Daniel Diaz began his shift biking at 4:30 in the morning! It is great to see a fraternity be so dedicated to their organization as well as their charity. They even have the sororities engage all week in the event called “War of The Roses” which also raises money for the same cause. They also sell “War of the Roses” shirts to help add to the cause. (see picture, Tanks and Banner done by yours truely, Greek Life Threads). The sorority who participates the most has 10 percent of the proceeds donated to their charity of choice. Last year in 2011, Delta Delta Delta Sorority chose to donate the 10 percent of proceeds to an Alzheimer’s charity. As readers can tell, “giving back” is the main theme to this story and we couldn’t be more proud for Push America and Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity! We were more than happy to help with their shirts and other accessories for such a fun event! Keep Pedaling! For more information: http://www.daily49er.com/news/fraternity-members-bike-for-disabled-children-1.2780108#.UIFzZVFhHXs