Tis the Season…to Decorate with Christmas Lights

A house is decorated with Christmas lights Friday evening at 604 S. Main Street. (Jeffrey Smith/Staff Photographer)

When the winter season hits, no one messes around here at Central Michigan University to get involved and into the holiday spirit.  Every year at this time, the event “The Dickens’ Christmas Festival” is held and all the houses on Main Street in the Mount Pleasant community are lit up with beautiful lights, decorations, and ornaments galore. This year it was a little different however. For the first time ever, the Greek Community at CMU was ask to participate and lite up their houses. The state ended up asking them to join in the fun festivities with the city to spread holiday cheer as viewers, neighbors and the town people drove by on such a fun night. Of course this was an opportunity the Greeks did not pass up. We all know when it comes to Greeks, there is always some competition involved, so all the sororities and fraternities agreed to vote on the “most festive” sorority & “most festive” fraternity house at the end of the festival. It was Sigma Chi fraternity and Zeta Tau Alpha sorority who took home first place each. What is a competition with out a prize, right? Sigma Chi and ZTA both earned cash prizes to give to their national philanthropy in the end. Macomb junior Alexis Theodore, who is a member of Sigma Kappa, said “…we weren’t expecting it to turn out how it did, it turned out much better than we thought…” This event not only helped beautify Main Street of CMU, but helped the Greek community give back to the city. Keep up the Holiday Spirit Everyone! For more information visit, Main Street lightens up with Christmas spirit