Towson Greek’s “Yell Like Hell”

Towson University Greek Life

This isn’t the first time hearing about full blown Greek Dance Competitions, I myself as a local Greek Alumni have been involved in a few back in the day. However, Towson University has a whole other spin on this kind of entertainment. We’ve heard of “Greek Sing, Song Fest” and so on but a “Yell Like Hell” show is taken to a whole different level over in Towson, Maryland. If you weren’t sure what Yell Like Hell is, it is basically teams that are paired up of one fraternity with one sorority that create up a 5 minute routine of songs and dance, but are actually yelling, yes yelling, over the music and lyrics. This year, the Black Student Union participated for the first time, as well as other organizations such as the school’s cheer team, and even the basketball team joined in too! Not going to lie, Athlete’s are usually the ones who come up with the most hilarious and entertaining dances oddly enough. We wish we were there to see this ourselves. You can catch some of the action on video though at …I am sure the basketball team came to a close 2nd, but it was Fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha and Sorority, Phi Mu who took the gold!