Winter Graduations and Decorated Caps

Alpha Tau Graduation Cap Example from Senior Mark Meek. Photographed: THE LEAF-CHRONICLE/ALLISON SMITH

In the Clarksville Tennessee News, one soon to be graduate has a few things on his mind before he graduates. Senior, Austin Peay is getting ready from head to toe so there are no mishaps on the big day of the ceremony. For as long as we’ve known college students, we’ve known for them to order graduation stoles from our brother company, For those who come in to pick up their sashes, they also talk to us about how excited they are to decorate their graduation caps! So we are very familiar with this whole graduation thing and what goes down. Its been known you toss your cap or switch your tassel from one side to the other, but like most universities and colleges..everyone now has decorating on their minds of their mortar boards. Also, did anyone know graduation caps were also called mortar boards by the way? This is the first we are hearing of it but there is such a thing. Fancy huh? Some decorate the top of their caps with things having to do with their majors, but others like Austin Peay represent school activities such as a fraternity, or sorority. Austin Peay did just that. Mr. Peay decided to do his Alpha Tau Omega Greek Letters stacked on top of one another and as you can see it definitely stands out. This will be no problem for his parents to find him, Austin said, plus he will be with 6 of his brothers whose caps will be decorated similar to his. Graduation is a pretty big deal and we are happy to hear that Austin and his fellow senior brothers represent the Greek community as well as their Alpha Tau Omega brotherhood in such a big chapter ending in their lives. Congrats on graduating you guys, you did it! For more information, visit: Austin Peay student joins others in decorating mortarboard