Zeta Tau Alpha Brings Attention To Breast Cancer

As most of us know, every October is known as Breast  Cancer Awareness Month! At Wright State in Ohio, the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority make it extra special on campus each year since 1992 “Race for the Cure” became their national philanthropy. Not only does their national website help raise money by selling special pink shirts but they also do bake sales and my favorite was hearing about the “Pie-Ta-Pie” yogurt eating contest. (I’d pay to definitely see that!) The yogurt contest makes sense because they teamed up with Yoplait with Save Lids to Save Lives program…for every Yoplait yogurt lid that gets sent back in the mail to the company, a tiny donation goes towards helping cure Breast Cancer. How simple is that?! You don’t have to go to Wright State or be a ZTA to participate in collecting lids, everyone is welcome to participate nationally and can send in their lids by mail for the month of October. ZTA has already raised about $1500 this year and $700 dollars alone was just raised at a soccer game earlier last week on campus. Most of the money too is brought in by their “Think Pink” tees as well! We just wanna give a shout out to the sisters at Zeta Tau Alpha at Wright State and ZTA’s everywhere for raising attention to such an amazing cause! Since we specialize in custom Greek apparel, we’d love to help with any apparel ZTA may need for “think pink” shirts! Just contact Teresa@greeklifethreads.com for more info. Also, for more information on this article visit: http://www.theguardianonline.com/wright-life/2012/10/16/zta-bring-awareness-to-breast-cancer/